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See what goes on in Kamal's head with his adventures and his memories of when him and the other members of 4-ply were kids.

News and Updates

Latest Comic
4-ply: Kamal's Head
See what goes on in Kamal's head with his adventures and his memories of when him and the other members of 4-ply were kids.

Possible Postpone

Comic may or may not be back in the winter. Haven't decided and schedule might not allow. Until then, if you want to help me out, look at my script of the revamp of the main comic (total spoilers) and let me know what you think. Critique and advice can be send to ElliotDylan @

Until then, have a good school/work year!

Bad Weather

Due to the weather last week I won't be able to post a comic this week. Will try to make it up. For now just treat this week like it happened and will be posting on the main comic the next week. Keep safe.

Schedule Change

Due to my computer being down I wasn't able to start the comic when I wanted but I'll start next week. This year I will be posting the comic on Tuesdays alternating each week between posting four of the 4-ply high school years comics and the other week being four childhood comics over on Kamal's head. Look forward to that next week.


Do to my work computer being down (posting this on friend computer) I won't be able to post the comic this week as I was planning but wil make up for it as soon as I get my new system. Also will be implementing new posting schedule but will go into more detail at that time. Until then, sorry for the wait but look forward to the comic soon.


Donations Tab

When I look at it, I spend a lot of time on all my comics and it's becoming hard to justify all the time I spend on them. So if you have some extra cash or feel generous I have added a donation tab on all my comics. Thank you for your support.

p.s. if you have any suggestions of what I might do to make a donation worth your while let me know. Like extra pages or a wallpaper.

Tumblr account

Hey guys, just got a tumblr account. So for those of your patiently waiting for the comic to start up again go check it out in the meantime:
Honestly though, I don't have much on it. So if you have any questions for the characters or suggestions for sketches I could do of the cast just post it on my tumblr.
See you in August.


Okay so, earlier I posted I'd only post on this site whenever, well now it seems that I better know what I want I will try and post a comic every Monday in addition to the comic I post for the origional comic. So be sure to check here as well, and remember to read the main comic.

Also, if you really like my work check out my personal site where I have some books I've written for sell.

Site purpose

Alright, so this comic is to show the adventures that go in Kamal's head and all the events that occur in them. Also it will include flashbacks from when the gang was in grade school and middle school.
To read the origional story click here:
Also, this comic will only be updated once in awhile so I'll try to post a comment at the bottom of comics on the main site when I update here.
Until then, enjoy.


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